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Do you ship orders?

My orders are limited to the Rochester area. Because I am selling my products as a Cottage Food Producer under the guidelines of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, shipping of my products is not allowed.

Do you offer dairy-free and gluten-free macarons?

I'm happy to say that all of my macarons are naturally gluten-free (made with almond flour), but unfortunately, all of my current flavor options include dairy in the filling. However, I can modify many of my flavors into a dairy-free custom order or I can create a special dairy-free flavor just for you! Feel free to contact me for more information on allergens. Please note as well that all orders are baked in my home kitchen, and I cannot guarantee that my macarons will be free from allergen cross-contamination.

Do you offer vegan macarons?

No. Macarons contain egg whites, so they are not vegan. I'm sure vegan macarons exist, but I do not make them. :)

Is it "macaroon" or "macaron"?

Macarons (pronounced mack-uh-ROHN) are what I make. They are an almond-based meringue sandwich cookie originally from France. They are often confused with macaroons (pronounced mack-uh-RUNE), which are chewy coconut cookies from Italy. This infographic has some fun information about the two different cookies. Both are delicious in their own right, but I only make the French macarons. I also pronounce it accordingly. ;)

What are your prices?

Order prices vary based on order size, number of flavors, and packaging. If you would like a specific price for an order, please request an order and I will connect with you on pricing.

Do you provide large orders for special events?

Yes, but keep in mind that these take more time and coordination are therefore priced accordingly. Visit my special events page for further details or to request a quote for a large order. You can also contact me with questions about booking events!

How long do macarons keep?

Macarons are best eaten fresh, but they should last a week in the fridge (if you can keep them around that long!). I usually advise bringing them up to room temperature before serving. You can also freeze your macarons if you need to keep them longer! Just make sure to put them in an air-tight container before placing them in the freezer.

Are your macarons for sale anywhere in town?

Not yet! Right now I only sell via my site because I bake every batch to order.

Will you deliver to my office?

As long as it's in Rochester, sure! Make sure you include the office address on your order and we can arrange a time for me to drop them off at your workplace!

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